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About us

About us

About us

Shenzhen YUTU Packaging Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2014, specializing in the design and production of high-end packaging products, paper bags, notebooks and other packaging and printing products. We have deep professional ability in packaging design, material selection, product technology and so on. Custom Packaging Box, Paper Box

Production base

In the new era, facing the change of customer's value demand for single cost requirement to high cost performance, from early standardized packaging to multi-type batch customization, we have increased capital investment and technology upgrading in product development, agile manufacturing and lean production, and are steadily changing from a packaging manufacturer to a one-stop packaging service provider.

Custom Packaging Box, Paper BoxProduction Capacity

The company strictly controls the quality, and has established a quality inspection department which can test the physical, chemical and reliability aspects of all kinds of printing and packaging materials and finished products. The quality department will inspect the products in the whole production process, and then to the final QC seal confirmation to ensure the quality requirements of the products.

Quality Control

In order to service, Our company can provide free design、composing、blank sample. Also, we have the professional Printing & Packaging solutions team for customers. Welcome to contact us: Email:  [email protected] Mobile: +86 138-2335-8074 Tel: +86-755-8936 7016