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1. Do you offer free samples?

No. All samples are made to order with your own artwork and dimensions. We do not offer pre-made samples.



2. Can I order a sample?

Yes. You can order a sample with your own artwork and dimensions.



3. Do you charge extra based on the number of colors and the amount of ink on the box?

No. You may cover your box with as many colors as you want at no extra charge.



4. Do you charge for plates and dies? Are there any hidden costs?

No. There are no hidden fees of any kind. What you see is what you pay.



5. Do you check my artwork for technical issues like alignments and image resolution?

Yes. We inspect all artworks to make sure they are perfect for printing. If we find a problem, we either fix it, or get in touch with you for further instruction. But we are not responsible for misspelling and wrong content.



6. Can you offer box structural and design service?

Yes. Please refer to Our process page.



7. Can I print on both sides of the box?

Yes. We are able to print on the outside (1-side) and the inside of boxes (2-side).